Spring Creek School is a one-room schoolhouse built in 1886 on the corner of Donner Road and Three Oaks Road in Three Oaks Township. The school was built by farmers, merchants and loggers for the purpose of educating their children. Of the 7000 one-room schoolhouses that once operated in Michigan in the 1800s, only 29 are restored and maintained as historical educational sites.


The Spring Creek Schoolhouse in the late 1800s was the center of community life among early settlers. Parties, spelling bees, political mass meetings debates, and even church services were held at Spring Creek School (according to The Region of Three Oaks Historical book by the Edward K Warren Foundation).


Once the School is restored it will be furnished with furnishings and articles of that time period and It will become part of the Three Oaks Museum exhibit program.


Spring Creek School will provide a visual historical experience for all who had grandparents and/or relatives attend the school.  It will also educate young students on the beginnings of the community.



There are exciting activities progressing with the restoration project! We have received $60,000.00 towards the reconstruction of Spring Creek School. Thanks to all who have contributed towards this worthwhile project. Once the restoration is completed the school will once again offer a place for a visual educational site for students and families who live and work in this community and a venue for community activities by non profit organizations . It is our vision that the school house will provide a place for local families to use for reunions, graduation parties , and wedding anniversaries


 These activities will be undertaken without cost to the user, beyond a refundable security deposit. The Township's interest in the restoration is not to make money it is to enrich our community.


You can help us in this worthwhile project we are in the need of contributions to succeed in accomplishing our goal. The entire cost of the construction cost is $164,000.00. The Phase 1 cost for securing the structure and providing a second entrance/exit is approximately half at 80,000.00 . The Phase 11 of the project will provide water,septic and HVAC at approximately 84,000.00.




Attend a Matching Grant Event on 10/06/2019!


Please join us to hear author Myrna Grove discuss 1800's one room schoolhouses and to raise money to renovate the schoolhouse.  Tickets are available here


You may also write a check to Three Oaks Township Restoration and send it to:


Three Oaks Township Hall, c/o Spring Creek Schoolhouse Donation, P.O. Box 55 Three Oaks Michigan 49128

Spring Creek School is owned and maintained by Three Oaks Township